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IRGiT operates as a Clearing and Settlement House under authorization from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) issued on 19 April 2010 and as an Exchange Clearing House under the notice referred to in Article 68a(14) of the Act on Trading in Financial Instruments of 19 April 2010. The long-term development path adopted by IRGiT calls for continuous improvement and pursuit to deploy solutions aligned with the highest market standards in clearing and settlement. Of key significance in this process are the rules and principles developed by leading international institutions.

Qualitative self-assessment of activity

IRGiT S.A. regularly verifies the extent to which its activity complies with the rules governing the operation of financial market infrastructure, as published in 2012 by the Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems and the Technical Committee of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (CPSS-IOSCO). Such compliance assessment takes into consideration a broad array of functions and actions and is carried out using the CPMI-IOSCO assessment system and methodology.

The outcome of the assessment completed in June 2021 is presented below.

Quantitative assessment of activity

With a view to fully implementing the CPMI-IOSCO rules, IRGiT publishes a comprehensive set of quantitative data consistent with the methodology proposed by these institutions (Public quantitative disclosure standards for central counterparties). The data include (without limitation):

  • aggregated data on the volumes of cleared transactions,
  • disclosures on the levels of collected collateral and other related parameters,
  • detailed information on risk management,
  • data on the structure of house members,
  • other data on IRGiT’s overall activity.

The purpose of these disclosures is to ensure a high degree of transparency for stakeholders, market participants and other parties. These data may serve as the basis for assessment of the house, for understanding its significance in the exchange ecosystem and for enabling comparison with other clearing houses. In line with the market’s best practices, the data are updated and published quarterly. 

File containing Q1 2024 data

File containing Q4 2023 data

File containing Q3 2023 data

File containing Q2 2023 data

File containing Q1 2023 data

File containing Q4 2022 data

File containing Q3 2022 data

File containing Q2 2022 data

File containing Q1 2022 data

File containing Q4 2021 data

File containing Q3 2021 data

File containing Q2 2021 data

File containing Q1 2021 data

PQD webinar presentation on July 29, 2021


The information published on this website has been prepared solely for disclosures consistent with the CPMI-IOSCO rules (“Public quantitative disclosure standards for central counterparties”) and must not be used, modified or disseminated any further, in full or in part, in any known form, without the express written consent of IRGiT S.A. for any other purpose, in particular for any commercial purpose extending beyond the lawfully permitted use. IRGIT S.A. reserves the right to change any data on this website without any prior notice to its users.

Despite its adherence to professional standards and due care in preparing this information, IRGiT S.A. may not guarantee that any data published on this website are up-to-date, complete or of sufficient quality enabling their proper interpretation. IRGiT S.A. declines any responsibility for any damage caused by or arising from reliance on any data published on this website. The terms hereof are governed by the provisions of Polish law. IRGiT S.A. reserves the right to amend these terms at any time without any additional notice.