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Year on year, companies are getting increasingly aware of their multifaceted responsibility. Accordingly, IRGiT, together with the entire GPW Group, not only focuses on shaping its business in a sustainable way, but also significantly contributes to the promotion of responsible behaviour by, among others, educating market participants and promoting value-based attitudes.

The “GPW Group ESG Strategy 2025” implemented in the GPW Group sets out the sustainability aspirations and goals for the years 2022-2025 for all companies of the Group, including IRGiT.

The GPW Group ESG Strategy sets out directions for actions based on three pillars: 

  • E – Environment,

  • S – Social,

  • G – Governance.

For more information see: 

GPW Group ESG Strategy 2025 (pdf)

Sustainable operations of the GPW Group


The GPW Group Climate Policy adopted in 2021 sets out the principal directions for the efforts of the Group, including IRGiT, to prevent adverse climate impacts, and defines the approach to managing environmental issues and responsibility in this area.

For more information see the GPW Group environmental pillar:

Environmental impact


In shaping the organisational culture, IRGiT and the entire GPW Group build on commitment, values and effective internal communication, as well as investment in the continuous development of employees’ competences. In parallel, IRGiT focuses on educational tasks, promotion and information related to the commodity market.

The specific policies adopted as part of the social pillar include: 

  • Anti-harassment policy, 

  • Diversity policy for employees,

  • Diversity policy for the Management Board and Supervisory Board.

For more information see the GPW Group social pillar: 

Responsible employer



One of the objectives of IRGiT, as well as the entire GPW Group, is to ensure high standards of corporate governance and communication. Management systems, rules and regulations that support sustainable development and shape cooperation with external parties based on transparent guidelines are therefore continuously improved. 

In pursuit of the objectives of this pillar, IRGiT adopted: 

  • Code of Ethics,

  • Anti-corruption policy,

  • Procedure for reporting breaches in IRGiT,

  • Regulation for accepting and considering complaints related to the activities of IRGiT.

For more information see the GPW Group corporate governance pillar:

Governance / Risk

IRGiT S.A.’s human rights, ethical and environmental compliance policy for suppliers and supply chain

Statement of acknowledgment of IRGiT S.A.’s Human Rights, Ethical and Environmental Compliance Policy for Suppliers and Supply Chain