Declaration of selection of variant of the annual fee for the year of 2019

Dear Sirs or Madam

In connection with upcoming end of the year of 2018, the Commodity Clearing House reminds you of necessity for selection of variant of the annual fee for participation on the markets, electricity is subject of trading on which.

We ask you politely to fill in the attached declaration (available here) and to send it in electronic form at the address as follows till the day of December the 19th 2018 (Resolution of the Management Board No 366/98/12/2018).

We ask you to send the original of the declaration at the Company’s business address as follows:

Izba Rozliczeniowa Giełd Towarowych S.A.
ul. Książęca 4 (entrance D)
00-498 Warsaw, Poland

The pro forma invoice shall be issued on the grounds of the declaration received from you.

We ask you to pay the annual fees till the day of December the 31st 2018 into the bank account of the Commodity Clearing House, kept by ING Bank Śląski S.A. with the following number:

PL 57 1050 0086 1000 0090 3113 9752



If no variant is selected within the time limit set by the IRGiT Management Board, it shall be deemed that the House Member continues the fee variant selected for the previous calendar year (The Regulation Exchange Clearing House, Commodity market, § 58, paragraph 2).