Transaction Margin

Transaction margins are part of IRGiT’s clearing guarantee system and therefore serve to safeguard cash settlement. Transaction Margins consist of:

  • Delivery Margin
  • Transaction Limit

The minimum value of Transaction Margins is equal to PLN 10,000.


Transaction Limit

The transaction limit is determined by the value of cash accumulated on an a Transaction Margin assigned account reduced by the value of required Delivery Margin.

Transaction Limit can be lodged only in cash


Delivery Margin

The Delivery Margin is required only form Clearing House Member who has open positions on futures contracts for Property Rights.

The Delivery Margin is regulated by cash payment or Property Rights blockade.


The algorithm for determining the value and the mode of regulation of the Delivery Margin have been described in Detailed clearing rules for the Clearing and Settlement House.

The current value of the parameter necessary to calculate the Delivery Margin is available in the parameters tab.