Decrease of fees - Financial Market

We would like to inform you, that the IRGiT Management Board decided to lower or suspend collecting following fees:

  • Decrease of the fee for registration as well as clearing and settlement of Positions of financially cleared contracts.
  • Decrease of  the annual fee paid by clearing participants for one portfolio of recording accounts.
  • Decrease of  the fee for establishing additional access to the WCCH private website containing the settlement reports.
  • Suspension of  collecting the fees for managing the monetary resources composing the Clearing House’s Members’ contributions into the clearing securing system [item 3, section III – “The other fees and charges” of the Regulations of the Clearing and Settlement House (Financial Market)] being deposited by the Clearing House’s Participants into the Transaction Margins Accounts and the Margin Accounts.

More detailed information (including new fees, periods, and Management Board’s Resolutions) can be found here: The fee and charge table.