Sub-accounts access

IRGiT shall provide access in the CB electronic banking system (db-direct Internet) to the fore-mentioned the Transaction Margin Sub-Account as well as the Margin Sub-Account, dedicated to a Clearing Member who is interested in getting access to the fore-mentioned sub-accounts, should fill in  Application for providing access to the sub-accounts in DBP electronic banking systemApplication for providing access to the sub-accounts in DBP electronic banking system (update)

The application form user guide

Access to the Sub-Accounts is neither mandatory nor a precondition for membership of IRGiT. A member not wishing to declare a representative for monitoring or authorization, does not need to file an application to obtain authorization tools (Online Banking Access Application) yet please let us know about it via e-mail ( There are two ways to withdraw funds from the Transaction Margin Sub-Account.
The withdrawing funds from the Sub-Account process described in: Mode of delivering monetary resources withdrawal orders being submitted by the house’s participant for execution


In a case of withdrawing the funds from the Margin Sub-Account it is best to make transfers to the Member’s clearing account in MB. It is possible totransfer funds to one of the accounts mentioned above. In such a case a Member shall complete the document:  Wniosek w sprawie wyrażenia zgody na wypłatę środków pieniężnych z subkonta Rachunku depozytów transakcyjnych na rachunek inny niż Rachunek rozliczeniowy Członka Izby w Banku Płatniku Członka Izby.

The original document shall be signed by A Member’s representative and sent to IRGiT.