Selection of the Member's Bank

After starting cooperation with the Clearing Bank selected from the Banks List, accessible under the bookmark The clearing banks -> The Bank list, in order to accede the IRGiT Settlement Model currently  in force, it shall be required to fill in the following  documents and to deliver them to IRGiT:

In the first turn the Clearing  Member sends scanned copies of the documents specified in items from 1) to 2) to IRGiT at the address of: in order to verify correctness of preparation (filling in) of the documentation.


After obtaining IRGiT’s approval for the submitted scanned copies, the Clearing Member shall deliver immediately the originals of the documents to IRGiT through a messenger. At the same time, from the moment of receiving the originals of the fore-mentioned documents (sent by the Clearing  Member) by IRGiT, Deutsche Bank Polska S.A., (according to IRGiT’s application), generates the next package of documents for the given Clearing Member; the package shall be prepared on the grounds of the data submitted by the Clearing Member in The technical specification of accounts for inter-bank communication (Financial Market, item 1)), which shall be transferred to the Clearing Member for signing. Signing the fore - mentioned package shall be required for efficient technical communication between the accounts, which take part in the settlement process. Signing the fore-mentioned document package provides IRGiT with an entitlement to place orders to debit the Clearing Account of the Clearing Member in the Member’s Bank indicated in The Clearing Member’s statement about the bank account as well as in The Member’s Bank’s statement (item 2)) as the account dedicated to cash clearings with IRGiT.

The successful result of the tests shall constitute confirmation of the Clearing Member’s full readiness for accession to the Settlement Model in force. To enable IRGiT as well as the MB to carry out these general tests, the Clearing Member shall supplement and sign (by representation) The Clearing  Member’s statement concerning general tests as well as handing the original over to IRGiT through a messenger. The Clearing  Member’s statement concerning the general tests shall be delivered to the Clearing Member for filling in along with the fore - mentioned package of documents generated by Deutsche Bank Polska S.A.

Note: Details of the process of attending the Settlement Model in force shall be delivered by the Clearing House to the Clearing Member on a current basis.