Change of the Member's Bank

The Clearing Member shall be entitled to replace the Member’s Bank with any Bank from the list of Banks, accessible under the bookmark: The clearing banks->List of banks. To obtain IRGiT’s consent for carrying out a change of the MB, the Clearing Member shall be obliged to notify IRGiT about its intention to replace the Member’s Bank ( and next to fill in the originals of the documents listed below and to deliver them to IRGiT:



  • The Clearing Member’s statement concerning general tests shall be delivered separately to the Clearing Member for filling in after the Clearing Member notifies its intention to change the Member’s Bank.
  • All pieces of information as well as the rules for filling in the documents, as specified in items from 1) to 3), are available under the bookmark: The clearing banks->Selection of the Member’s Bank. The Clearing Member’s application for changing MB.
  • Details of the process of changing the Member’s Bank shall be delivered by the Clearing House to the Clearing Member on a current basis.